Merchant Cash Advance


  • Min 2,500/month Credit Card Volume or
  • 10,000 gross monthly sales
  • FICO Score is not a determining factor
  • Must be in business for at least 3 months
  • All industries accepted

One of the biggest challenges for struggling businesses is locating the capital that they need to survive and thrive. If you are a business owner seeking growth and expansion, then a merchant cash advance might be just what you need. Such an advance can provide you with the funding you require for equipment purchases, employee reimbursement, business ventures, security and more. RKI offers a unique type of product that it designed to help businesses that are struggling in a competitive industry. The best part about a merchant cash advance is that you do not have to have perfect credit nor do you have to pay it back via fixed payment intervals.

How It Works

RKI will work on your approval with no upfront fees. The company will look at your credit transaction details instead of your credit report. Your receipts will tell a clearer story about the amount of money your businesses has the potential to earn over the course of time. RKI can then get your business the funds that it needs, as the company will feel confident about your ability to repay the advance. The lender will deduct a percentage of your future sales until you have satisfied the requirements of the agreement.

No Upfront Fees

Merchant Cash Advances vs. Traditional Lending

Traditional business lenders have a habit of being strict and judgmental. They sometimes fail to see a business’s potential because their focus is on credit score and collateral. A merchant cash advance gives a young business a chance to survive by disregarding credit score and focusing on earning potential. Therefore, you can still find your way to flourishing business ventures even if you have been through tough financial times. A merchant cash advance measures your worthiness by the feats that you can accomplish rather than your credit history. We look at over 2000 different data points including the human element which we know is the real driving force behind every business.

Fast Application Process

The Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance

Many advantages exist with a merchant cash advance. One of the largest advantages of this funding is that the application process is quick. While traditional lenders try to bury you in paperwork, RKI makes the process convenient with a short application. You could receive an answer to your request within hours. Additionally, the funds belong to you once you receive them. RKI places no restrictions on how you use them. Furthermore, you can still apply for additional funding with other sources because your RKI loan is a non-collateralized separate product.

How to Get a Merchant Cash Advance

You can start the process of applying for a merchant cash advance today. You have three options for applying.

You can call (414) 885-3336to speak with a representative in the USA.

You can complete an online form and leave a message explaining your business needs.

You can request an online chat with a representative, as well.

A friendly and trustworthy representative, based solely in the USA, will walk you through the process of applying-again there are no fees to see what you will be approved for. You should not hesitate to reach out to someone if you have financial business needs. A merchant cash advance can help bring your business back to the top of its industry.