Business Line of Credit


Often the most difficult part of being a business owner is coming up with a steady supply of cash to remain competitive and profitable. With the many options that Royal Keys Investment has to offer, this never needs to be a problem for you or your business. Learn about business owners’ most sought-after program – a business line of credit – as well as the many other financial options RKI has to offer.

How Does The Business Line of Credit Work?

When you get a business line of credit from RKI, your business is approved for a certain amount of financing. You draw money as you need it. While you may be approved for a large amount, you’ll only pay interest on the money you’ve used and not the total amount. The longer you’re with us and continue to make your payments on time, the more cash that will be made available to you. Of course, you are never paying for the unutilized funds.

From $ 10,000 to $ 2,000,000 nothing is too small or too big


How Much Money Can I Get?

As much as $ 2,000,000 if you’re a large business with supporting financials. However, our average sized funding amount is about $ 10,000. Most business owners enjoy the ease of use and flexibility of the business line of credit. RKI also offers you different ways of paying the money back.

You can choose to pay a percentage of your sales or make a fixed daily, weekly or monthly payment. Some business owners choose to make a hybrid payment, which is a combination of both percentage and fixed. You, as the business owner, have the option to choose whichever of these flexible options best meets the needs of your business. Again, we understand every business is different and we take pride in providing a solution that works best for every business owner’s particular situation.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements?

We have rather lenient eligibility requirement for our business lines of credit. Once your business has been open for at least six months, all you need to do is provide documentation that you’ve made, on average, at least $ 10,000 per month in sales.

We look at over 2,000 data points when approving a business for funds. It is not based solely on credit score any more. We are looking at the business and all that encompasses it with eyes wide open. There is a very real human element to business and to how we work with our clients.

Why RKI is Your Best Choice

Besides, over the last 8 years and no upfront fees to work on your approval. We at RKI realize that it can often be difficult and emotional to get capital and pride ourselves on being immediately helpful and honest to all prospective clients. You’ll have approvals for review generally within 24 hours of completing our simple application process which only takes minutes. No longer will you have to suffer the embarrassment of telling vendors you don’t have the available cash. RKI will provide you with the cash your business needs when you need it.


Other Financing Options Are Available?

Business lines of credit are not the only financing options RKI offers. We also have small business loans, business loans for bad credit, truck and transportation financing, SBA 7(a) loans, equipment leasing and construction financing to name just a few.

We provide help to many industries, including restaurants, construction, manufacturing, medical, daycare, trucking, auto related, transportation and hauling, franchises, wholesale, industrial and home-based businesses, among others. Have a question about your business? Give us a call (414) 885-3336.